Resident visits have resumed in accordance with HSE guidance. Please contact the relevant care home in advance of your visit as some restrictions may be in place based on public health advice.

Social – How we manage relationships with employees, suppliers, communities, and the wider society.

We believe building and maintaining relationships with the community and our people are at the centre of who we are as an organisation. As part of our mission, we recognise that Ireland’s ageing population is far higher than the EU average, therefore we have developed our facilities in the areas with the greatest need for Residential Care and have designed each facility to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Since the opening of our first Nursing home almost 4 years ago, we have provided employment for over 500 people within our local communities. Each of our centres are growing and evolving so we are regularly recruiting – click here to view our Careers section. Clondalkin Lodge will be our fourth facility which is due to open in June 2023, which will provide an additional 100 jobs.

a. We ensure that all staff members receive adequate training and qualifications to provide high-quality care to our residents and patients.

b. We establish protocols for regular monitoring and evaluation of the quality of care provided.

c. We encourage open communication and feedback channels between residents, patients, their families, and staff members.

a. We maintain a safe and healthy environment for residents, patients, staff, and visitors.

b. We have developed and enforced strict health and safety protocols in line with national guidelines and best practices.

c. We provide ongoing training and education to staff regarding health and safety procedures.

a. We respect and promote the rights, dignity, and privacy of all residents, patients, and staff.

b. We foster a culture of inclusivity, equality, and non-discrimination within the Bartra Healthcare Group.

c. We provide opportunities for residents and patients to participate in decision-making processes and express their preferences and concerns.

a. We foster strong ties with the local community by organizing events, inviting community members to participate in activities, and establishing partnerships with community organisations.

b. We contribute to community development through local community initiatives and supporting local charities. (See below our related policies)

c. We promote intergenerational activities to enhance social interaction and understanding between residents, patients, and the broader community.

Benefits of working at Bartra Healthcare

Working at Bartra Healthcare can bring numerous benefits, including professional development, employee appreciation, and health and wellbeing.

As healthcare workers, employees in a nursing home can develop their skills and knowledge while serving a vulnerable population. In addition, employers often offer incentives and rewards for their staff, such as bonuses, recognition, and career advancement opportunities. A Bartra Healthcare environment also encourages a healthy work-life balance, with flexible schedules and wellness programs that promote physical and mental health. Working at Bartra Healthcare can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for those who enjoy caring for others and making a difference in people’s lives.