Resident visits have resumed in accordance with HSE guidance. Please contact the relevant care home in advance of your visit as some restrictions may be in place based on public health advice.

Why Choose Bartra Healthcare?

Why Choose Bartra Healthcare?

"At Bartra Healthcare we believe that choosing to come to one of our facilities should be seen
as a positive lifestyle choice where individual well-being is at the heart of the care provided."

Culture & Values

Culture and values play a pivotal role in shaping our deep-rooted commitment to compassionate care and a holistic approach to wellbeing, our culture fosters a warm and nurturing environment for our residents and patients. We firmly believe in honouring the individuality of each resident and patient, valuing their unique experiences and backgrounds, and promoting a sense of belonging and dignity.

Our dedicated team upholds a shared set of core values, including Dignity, Care, Independence, and Choice which guide every interaction and decision. We prioritise open communication, collaboration, and continuous learning, ensuring that our staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional care. By embracing diversity and meaningful relationships, and promoting a vibrant social atmosphere, we create a culture that promotes joy, fulfilment, and a sense of purpose for our residents and staff alike.


We build communities for life where everyone can contribute. We create environments and services in which people are valued, included and respected.


Empathy and compassion are our central focus. We care about everything that affects our resident's lives.


We are transparent, we are open, we communicate clearly, we communicate often. We ask questions and we listen, so that everyone's voice is heard.


We are proud to commit all of ourselves to get the best results possible for our residents, and the wider community.
A Focus on Food

Food Focus

We understand how important good food and nutrition are to your health and wellbeing, and we strive to provide meals that are both wholesome and delicious. Each centre has large, state-of-the-art kitchens that provides nutritious and appetizing meals and snacks throughout the day.

Our Head Chefs have devised seasonal menus to offer all residents a wide variety of meals, and individual dietary requirements are always catered for.

All of our food is fresh and locally sourced to ensure the highest quality. Our Residents and patients can relax and enjoy their meals in the comfort of our bright and comfortable dining rooms.

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