Resident visits have resumed in accordance with HSE guidance. Please contact the relevant care home in advance of your visit as some restrictions may be in place based on public health advice.

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Fair Deal Scheme by HSE

There is a financial support scheme available from the government for the cost of nursing home care. This scheme is called the Nursing Home Support Scheme, but it is better known as "The Fair Deal". Find out more by clicking the button below.
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  • Can I bring my personal belongings with me when I come to the nursing home?

    At Bartra Healthcare we recognise the benefit of resident’s personalising their own bedroom space. Our nursing homes foster a “home from home” ethos. Bringing personal items from home therefore, including small items of furniture, is welcomed and encouraged.

  • Will I lose my independence when I move to a nursing home?

    This can be a commonly held misconception. Residents who come to our nursing homes tend to thrive and regain elements of their independence that they have lost while living in the community. The environment within our nursing homes encourages individuality and self-awareness and one of our objectives is to promote the greatest possible independence of each resident.

  • Are there limited visiting times?

    Resident visits have resumed in accordance with HSE guidance. Please contact the relevant care home in advance of your visit.

  • Can I still go out with my family and friends?

    Maintaining links with family, friends and community is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. Continuing to socialise with friends and family members is seen by Bartra Healthcare as something to be encouraged while always retaining safety of our residents as a priority.

  • Is a GP available at all times? Can I continue to use my own GP?

    Each resident in a Bartra Healthcare nursing home is entitled to choose their own GP while a resident in the nursing home. If your current GP is unable to continue to look after your medical needs due to geographic or other reasons, then you will be given a list of local GPs to choose from for your continued care.

  • What kind of activities arc available in the nursing home?

    Being active is good for the body and for the mind. In each of our nursing homes we have a dedicated Activities Co-ordination Team who will discuss the various options available with each resident. The list of activities provided in each Bartra Healthcare nursing home is extensive. Please refer to our Home Life page for further details or contact our information desk.

  • Can I get any tax relief on nursing home fees?

    Income tax relief is available on fees paid for nursing home care. You can claim the tax relief whether you are in the nursing home yourself or whether you are paying the fees for someone else. Tax relief on nursing home fees applies at the highest rate of income tax that you pay.

  • Can I have a say in my care?

    In Bartra Healthcare, a member of our nursing team will talk to you about what you want and do not want. You will have control over your care and be involved in all decisions as they arise. You can appoint a family member or friend to help you make decisions along with our support.

  • How do I apply for the “Fair Deal” (Nursing Home Support Scheme)?

    There is a financial support scheme available to assist with the cost of nursing home care. The scheme is commonly known as the “Fair Deal” scheme. Application for the scheme must be made through the Health Service Executive. See more information here.