April 2020 COVID-19 Update

Bartra Healthcare was founded on the principles of world-class elderly care and community and we remain true to these values in this time of emergency.

Our community will always be our priority and we will be focused on the safety and wellbeing of our residents and their loved ones, our staff, and our healthcare partners, at all times. We are committed to the highest standards of care. Since the CV-19 crisis began to emerge we have been liaising closely with our staff and the relevant health authorities.  Some of the measures we are taking to reduce the risks in our facilities include:

We have a dedicated steering group closely monitoring and following the guidance from the HSE and Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC). We commit to regular and proactive communication with our community as the situation evolves

Our staff are wearing gloves, aprons, and masks for all interactions with residents deemed at risk

Residents are encouraged to self-isolate and remain in their bedrooms as much as possible

Our people are fully trained in all the required infection control measures

All resident’s temperature, pulse, and respiratory rates are monitored daily, or more often if required, to help identify early indicators of CV-19

Our GP partners are onsite a minimum of three times per week for further monitoring

We have divided our care home wings, and their staff, into self-contained units to help prevent the risk of any cross infection

There is a comprehensive cleaning schedule in place for all areas

Out of respect for the privacy of those in our care, and their families, we don’t comment on the health condition of any of our residents.

Let’s take care of ourselves, and each other, in these uncertain times.

Declan Carlyle

Chief Executive Officer

Bartra Healthcare